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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  July 26, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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 . >> bob: a step ace is essen for building a winner. one pitcher they rely on to succeed every time out. john lannan has been that for the nationals, the shining star in a young rotation learning the ropes. can he set another fine example against the padres. 
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 . >> bob: some cloud cover ballpark. and folks coming in and the nationals have a chance to win the series the second time this week. two of three against the mets. and they are trying to do the same against san diego. bob carpenter and ron dibble, and he will match levan hernandez and rob, he is becoming the elder statesman on the mound. >> rob: lead by example. tremendous job under the most trying circumstances and these are guys who have done a fabulous job on teams a lot like the washington nationals. and look at the third. and went percentage for the overall wins. 7-7 with a 3-3 is amazing to me. don't take my word for it. how about one of his teammates for what he meant to the
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pitching staff. >> i say stability. every time he goes out there. it is a game we can win. and he goes out and gives a great performance and it is something we all watch and how does he do it. and try to figure it out. and then we try to model after it. >> bob: rob would tell you anyone who steps in the lines, the admiration and respect of the teammates means more than just about anything. how about an admirable offense last night. jim morgan was an igniter and he hit for some power. 16 hits, 13 runs and blowout win and hope some of that is left over for sunday. 
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 . >> bob: nationals baseball  brought to you by: nave yard station, the gateway to
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nationals park. >> rob: that is how a lot of our folks get here. they have seen entertaining baseball. >> bob: after 3-3 this week and they win against the padres and we focus on everth cabrera. and he is from nicaragua and in fact, john lannan is going to throw to him right now. little bit inside. we are underway at 1:35. right on time. cloudy skies, 88 and 30% chance of rain today. fantastic. the team is struggling with the e.r.a. and look at john lannan's season. 7-7, 20 starts. and gets a decision. and about two out of three
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times he goes out there and the e.r.a. with run support, he can easily be 10-4. nick johnson to his right and he will deflect it. it is a base hit for cabrera. anderson hernandez, would have been able to reach the ball and nick gave it a good effort and the padres have a base runner. >> rob: we will give you the scouting report. good-bye to the shut out streak. 458 game drought for the nationals pitching staff. last outing complete game shut out ended that. ground ball outs in july and 11.7 is the average ground ball outs per start. >> bob: that is a lot. it is a swing and tip. he has to face cabrera and he had a really big lead on the first pitch. foul tipped by will venable. cabrera, 10 for 11 steals and including one in the series.
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couple of significant players not in their team's line ups today. adrian gonzalez gets the day off. day game after a long night and morgan has a slight tweak of a hamstring and the naves will hold him out today and willie harris. we will set the defense for you in a moment. lead not as long on 1-1 pitch. bounce and foul. how about john lannan's last time out against the mets in the 4-0 win. no walks. only one strikeout, how sweet is that? 106 pitches to get through nine full innings. first shutout tossed at nationals park. will venable for one in the
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series and the son of a former rob dibble teammate. >> rob: coach for the minor league and the padres and they have a good coach there. >> bob: the ball fouled away. 1-2. >> rob: helpful to all the younger players. think that's the thing you see from lannan, even though he is 24 years old. he is such a leader among the pitchers and the rest the team. >> bob: pretty well hit. right center. josh willingham is there. and he has it for the first out. >> rob: nice throw. >> bob: cabrera was threatening to tag and he got the ball back in quickly. you see willingham. we told you about willie harris and they are out there with adam dunn. gonzalez and hernandez. zimmerman across from johnson. josh bard, a former padres gets
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the start apt next hitter. chase aheadley and batting .238. this is one of their youngsters they are high on. at least 25 years of age and he played at the university of of the pacific before transferring to tennessee where he became an all american. two for seven in the series. padres are hitting .230 lowest batting average and 357 runs, lowest total run average in all of baseball. pitch outside, bard, and little up. and just a little late and that is number 11 for cabrera. >> rob: got to give cabrera a lot of credit. there you see quick moved to home plate by lannan.
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great throw by barred and can't throw out -- bard and can't throw out speed sometimes. he got it out there quickly. and great one by cabrera. >> bob: he gets gets under it. adam dunn is over there. look at that range. where did he end up? almost in center field. how about some sunday game notes for you. nationals bullpen, evidently appreciated the rest. they got over the all-star break. they have been outstanding and clippard was the star last night. and john lannan gets more play balls than anybody. and kevin kouzmanoff has just a few errors on the percentage basis. he is their clean up man. three for nine and big strong right-handed batter and lannan
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sinks one and misses. >> rob: the more confident the starting rotation gets, the deeper in the ball game and less you have to use the bullpen and it starts to work out and everyone has a good season. normal for the team to get going. >> bob: well hit to center field and right there is willie harris. looks like alfonso soriano on the hop and skip. nothing doing for the padres. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at are you insured?
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 . >> bob: three times this  they have been able to walk off the field shaking hands. willie harris, nick johnson, ryan zimmerman. chad gaudin is ready. we will set the line up for you in a second. willie is 0-4 and he goes up packing. he is zero for his last 16. 17 starts for a 26-year-old veteran, chad gaudin from metairie, louisiana and relief last year after spending parts of three seasons with a one.
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and he has been with tampa bay and toronto. naves have seen him for two innings. they liked what they score. they scored six runs on him against the cubs last year. >> rob: you will see sinkers, sliders and change-ups from gaudin, he has good stuff. >> bob: 1-2, to willie harris. and batting .230 chad fair child is the junior on the umpire crew. marty foster and bell. sun coming out now, toasty when the sun is blazing today. 90 degrees at game time. and with all the moisture we have had.
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it is quite muggy. st. louis underway up at philadelphia. rubber game. and scoring the run at the top of the first. and joe blanton and ted up there. and phillies have a six game lead in the east against the braves and marlins. mets are at houston. willie harris making lots of contact here and staying alive. >> and home run and construction. and still hasn't figured it out. after 66 starts. and lots of walks and 50, 50% of the time allow two runs or less and the other 50%. they get them. fast ball outside to willie harris, 2-2. and hitting .217 and the sinker in and slider away.
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tough on righty. >> bob: nationals today trying to win the 20th home game of the year. and their 30th game overall. it is a 2-2 to willie harris. and he jacks it and it is hooking. and willie will put a charge in the ball once in awhile. four home runs this year. and 24 in his major league career and 14 of those as we often talked about those last year. this is inside. 3-2. >> rob: left-handed hitters enjoy hitting gaudin pretty well. .270 average against him.
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nick the corner here. 2-2, the sinker. >> bob: he takes the walk, willie harris will and washington has a leadoff man aboard. nick johnson next. ryan zimmerman, as we mentioned if you weren't with us. nyjer morgan has a hamstring. and seven rbis. and will ham, bard and hernandez in fronts of john lannan. get him all rammed up. and craig stammen takes on suppan and opens up in milwaukee tomorrow night and then four in pittsburgh. willie harris is nine out of 10 and out to the cut of the
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grass. and it is not cristian guzman, it as totally different dynamic with the patient nick johnson in there. nick has two walks, two for seven, two rbis in the series. and another number 2. the count. 2-0. >> rob: they said before with gaudin, he is mountain and/or cold and seven walks. and 4-44 in the last two outings. and 9-8-11. gave him the under construction and great stuff just not great command of it yet. talked about it too, with our guys. sometimes you have two, three pitches you can throw well. doesn't mean you can command them all at the same time in the same game.
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sometimes you have to pick two of them and stay with them and work on them. and perfect them as best you can. >> bob: padres signed him in the second week of april as a minor league free agent. after the cubs let him go. they had to pay him with rich harden in a five player deal. >> rob: he has a strong arm. surprising to me, they let him go. >> bob: 2-1. and way outside. career record of 32 and 34. his 67th career start. he has worked a lot of relief. and as many as 55 games with the '06 ball club. 202 games in his career. 3-1 to nick. harris running. and the throw right there.
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they got it. willie harris out stealing for only the second time this year. >> rob: he likes to start his runners whether they are fast or slow and willie expected nick to swing. he looked in and didn't look like he was trying to steal. just a run on contact. almost a rub and hit situation. >> bob: that might be a situation where the selectiveity of the hitter worked against the naves. that was a 3-1 pitch and nick took it and now he grounds out, two outs, nobody on. now, deep and ryan zimmerman go. twice in the series a blast and in the 6th inning friday night and got it done early with a powering drive. bouncing towards them and into the hands of an ecstatic fan
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early last evening. so, ryan's numbers elevated to 17 home runs and 60 batted in. he is five out of eight in the series. and two homers. four rbis. and five runs. zimmerman is in the top six in the league in runs. with 66. and he has made his way back into the top 10 with 109. breaking ball by gaudin. and nationals have hit 87 home runs. nearly half of them by dunn and zimmerman. come beaned for 42.
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♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy.  . >> bob: no score. the nats come back to town. it as free you know you are a
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nats fan t-shirt. for the first thousand, call. or visit or stop by the box office right here at the ballpark. john lannan 1st inning, 13 pitches. about normal for him. although, his last start, he averaged about 12 pitches per inning. and in the air from kyle and four straight for lannan. all of them in the air. >> rob: we atalk about how man ground balls he has in the month of july. >>ob: just gets some outs. we don't care. >> any way you ge them% >> bob: oscasalazar now. and he batted .419 as an oriole
1:55 pm
this year. and tradd over here for clay meredith. and he is one for sevehe brings veteran leadership to their ball club. been around foawhile. he is out baseball didn't play in the major league player being out that long and making a bat. >> rob: roy hobb bob: there is the strikeout for john lannan. you got me there, buddy. you nailed me on that one. >> rob: gone for awhile. >> bob: salazar wasn't in prison. >> rob: ither was roy hobbs. he got shot by barbara hershey. well, bob: what a story. luis rodriguez, thesecond
1:56 pm
baseman. and he will line it hard and it is off the reach and good swing by rodriguez. third hit in the series. they have had a couple of good middle infielders in cabrera and rodriguez. we saw that luis has a little bit of pop in the bat. and so the padres have their second base hit and alfonzo the catcher will try to get it here in the top of the second. and lannan gets a strike. up the middle, that is going to
1:57 pm
get through. and so, those seven and eight hitters do the jobs by getting on base and now, they will take their chances with chad gaudin. >> rob: sometimes it is too good of a pitch and right back at you. >> bob: we haven't talked about a couple of guys. that is ryan giles and he has been on the dl for 32 games. picked up cliff floyd to help out the kids and he is out with a labrum tear in his right shoulder. and jake peavy and shaun hill. right elbow inflammation on april 26th. >> rob: wonder how much talk would be going on if jake ivy would be healthy.
1:58 pm
>> bob: right about that. >> rob: would he say yes to the no trade. wasn't. >> bob: wasn't it about this time last year he was supposed to be dealt. hernandez to gonzalez. taking care of business up the middle. here is adam dunn who did just that last night. at samuel adams, nothing we brew is as versatile with food as boston lager. the sam adams lager goes beautifully with a lot of ethnic spicy foods. the maltiness and hoppiness work well with indian food. samuel adams boston lager is strong enough to support a heavier meal and it's balanced enough that's it's not going to overpower a lighter meal it could compliment a salmon dish with a little bit of spice to it. whether at a restaurant you're at home if you're having great food and you need a great beer, boston lager is the beer that i use. sam adams with great food-- there's nothing better.
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